So often we worry about tomorrow. We wonder what life will bring five years down the line. We worry over whether we’ll get our dream job once we finish college, who we will marry while we aren’t even dating, and so on.

We live in tomorrow while today languishes lonely and neglected. It receives none of the thought we lavish upon tomorrow. It receives no intentional commitment.

In Matthew chapter 7 God asks us to let tomorrow worry about itself. He asks us to be like birds and lilies. Give no care for anything beyond today.

For someone like me who is constantly planning for, always thinking about, and sometimes scheming on my future this seems like a death sentence. It seems like God is putting me in time out, when He is really offering me power.

He is offering me the ability to spend all of my thought, energy, and action on today to make it the best that it can be… intentionally. With this request, He is giving each of us the opportunity to harness all our might for today.

All the while we constantly divvy up our resources of strength and thought over many years that have yet to dawn. We fail at making today good because the resources we needed to do that were diverted to a future time we didn’t yet need them for.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for our children’s education or our own retirement, but even in the financial stewardship course (Financial Peace University) I am currently taking, one of the early steps in the process is to get ridĀ of the debt you have today, then plan for the future.

What if we only thought about today? What kind of faith would it take to let tomorrow worry about itself? What if we let go off future plans and let God take care of us? What would it take to live like that?





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