Hey Y’all,

Purpose Girl here! I have been busy, busy, busy, but I wanted to check in and see about y’all. About this time of year, I tend to need a second wind, a push to finish strong, so I thought maybe you might need one too!

I have been reading the gospels for the last three months, and it has been good to the last drop! Something caught my eye in Mark 11:12-25 that I just had to share.

By the time Peter saw that withered fig tree Jesus had cursed in the book of Mark, he had already seen Jesus…

Cause blind Bartimaeus to see

Cast a demon out of a little boy

Wake up Moses and Elijah for His transfiguration

Feed 4000 people with a portion meant for one

Make a deaf and mute man speak,

Feed 5000 people with a portion meant for a little one (no this is not a typo. He did it twice)

Wake a little girl up from a dead sleep (literally)

Evict a demon from its place of abode

Calm the wind and waves with a  word

Restore a shriveled hand

Cause a paraplegic to walk and lift weights

And so much more!

Why was Peter shocked that the tree obeyed Jesus when everything else had as well? In Mark 8, Peter declares that Jesus is the Messiah. Why didn’t he expect MIRACLE?

I can’t be too frustrated with the disciples for not anticipating miraculous events whenever Jesus spoke because then I’d have to reserve some frustration for me too (and you, if you’re honest). After seeing all the miraculous things Jesus has done in our lives, (if you don’t have any miracle stories, you can borrow mine or Bible heroes’ stories until you start FaithWalkin yourself) why don’t we expect MIRACLE when He speaks?

This blog, FaithWalkin for Today, started as musings on Facebook to encourage weary FaithWalkers like myself to keep going, keep trusting, keep believing. By 2015, I launched a full blown blog, and at the time, I was believing God for a position I didn’t have yet.

See, I had heard a calling on my life in 2010. I answered that call and returned to school to major in a completely different field at age 31. I completed that degree in 2014 and then… crickets.

Well today, 5 years later, I can say God did His thing! Can’t nobody do me like He does! I couldn’t have dreamed what He’s done.

So why am I worried now that He has again called me to pursue a degree in a completely different field. Why am I in the toenails of a Master’s degree, fretting over internship hours required to graduate.

Why? Hasn’t He always come through? Hasn’t He cleared a path where there seemed to be only brush and wild life? Hasn’t He led me this far?

So today, (and hopefully every day thereafter) after all the ups, downs, ins, and outs, I still choose faith! I am still faithwalkin!

I choose expectancy! After seeing Him calm all sorts of winds and waves in my life, I KNOW He will not let me drown. I am choosing to expect the unexpected, even when the expected is the only possible expectation. Even when the unexpected is unreasonable and unwarranted.

I don’t know how God is going to help me finish this degree by April, but I am expecting MIRACLE! So I am gonna’ walk and talk like a graduate. I’m gonna prepare for graduation this Spring. I am gonna speak as though what is not actually is. I’m expecting MIRACLE!

Check out God Can Do Anything by VaShawn Mitchell

Dope photo by The David Turner

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