Rocky places.

The next seeds in the parable fell on rocky places where the soil was shallow. They grew up quickly, but when the sun came up they were scorched. The reason Christ gave for this was because they had shallow roots.

Shallow roots. This term has been bouncing around in my brain for days now. Shallow roots. Roots that don’t go deep enough to secure a plant when the sun heats up the day.

Roots that don’t go deep enough into God to secure a person when life begins to scorch them. Roots that grew fast, but not deep.

Jesus explains that these are the people who hear the gospel and receive it gladly. They love what they hear and they accept Christ immediately. “No need for Bible study here. I believe!”

Or those that receive Bible study in order to get into the pool, but never take a Bible study again thereafter, as if the preliminary knowledge bestowed on them is all that is necessary.

Or perhaps it is closer to home. Perhaps Jesus was referring to us. People that have been Christians our whole lives. We were born in this thing. We’ve got generations behind us, so we don’t need to study the word at all. We have no intimate connection with Christ because we do not spend time reading His word, or listening to it through prayer.

Shallow roots. Roots that cause us to wither and die when the sun comes up in our lives. When persecution or trials rage against us, when sista So&So says something hurtful to or about us, or when our job requires us to go against our beliefs… we’re gone!

We are overwhelmed. We get scorched right out of Christ… because of shallow roots.

It isn’t enough to say yes to God. We have to dig deeper every single day. Have you gotten into your word lately? Have you fortified your roots, so that no matter how hot it gets in your life, your calling and election will be sure?

Do you have shallow roots?





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