For Young Ladies


  • Qualified
  • Unique
  • Educated
  • Excellent
  • Nice
  • Steadfast

In this week long seminar girls will learn the importance of virtues that seem to have gone out of style. Chalked full of object lessons, activities, and Biblical examples, girls will learn the secret of virtue.

For girls ages 7-12

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This week long intensive for girls can be tailored to the specific needs of your group. The seminar goes through some of the issues girls will face as they emerge into womanhood. Topics include, but are not limited to

  • Far Above Rubies: What’s it Worth to You
  • Media Smedia: Garbage in, Garbage Out
  • Tell Her to Shut Up: What Your Inner Mean Girl Says When No One is Looking
  • Body Language: What You Are Saying with Your Hips that You Aren’t with Your Lips
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Purpose Search
  • Time to Take a Lover

For girls ages 13-18

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For Adults

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Purpose Girl presents issues pertinent to the life of a Christian, single individual. Topics include, but are not exclusive to,

  • What is Love?
  • Speed Dating God
  • Clear the Stage
  • Making Wise Choices in Love
  • He Already Put a Ring on It

Singles ages 16 and up

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Move! Get Out the Way

Purpose Girl engages audiences with this seminar on how to get out of your own way in order to access the life your Creator really has planned for you. Topics include, but are not exclusive to
  • Before You Were Formed
  • The Submission of Every Thought: Interrupting Automatic Thoughts
  • Changing Your Narrative: The Power in Words
  • Breaking Generational Chains
  • Some Things Only Come Out…
  • His Plan or Yours?

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What My Daddy Did: Breaking Generational Curses with Forgiveness

Have you experienced hurt at the hands of those you love? Has family been a stressful word because of all the hidden hurts that linger in your bloodline? This FREE seminar seeks to loose you from the yolk of unforgiveness that creates the perfect breeding ground for generational curses to continue in you. Come out and get free today!

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For Couples

Yoked Up!

Yoked Up! empowers married or engaged couples to find the reason they have been brought together by God. When each spouse finds the answer to how their purpose compliments that of the other, and both parties lock into their Creator, the three fold cord referenced in Ecclesiastes forms a bond that is not easily broken. This seminar can also be customized as pre-engagement, premarital, or marital counseling.

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