I haven’t blogged in forever. That is mainly because I’ve been grinding but also because I refuse to write unimportant content. I refuse to write stuff that doesn’t really matter just to say I am consistently creating content.

So, what did I finally find important? My new manifesto. Not too long ago, I realized that I am a scaredy cat. Unbeknownst to me, I have been living with a lot of fear in various areas of my life. Fear about being loved or being enough. Fear about having friends or my career.

I recently read a manifesto that brought me to tears. It challenged me to do the things I was made to do, charged me to do everything my hands touch with excellence, and inspired me to write a manifesto for my life.

My manifesto is a compilation of all the gems that I have learned along the way in my topsy turvy life. It’s the way I live courageously in the face of all my fears. I thought you might pick up a gem or two as well.

Also, I needed to create like I needed air.

This manifesto turned out to be more of a covenant with God. As I wrote, I realized that my life, the way I live it, is in the light of my relationship with Him. Everything I have learned over the years that is taking me from scaredy cat to courageous woman has been learned as I have followed Him, tried to please Him, allowed Him to love me, and developed my trust in Him alone. I hope this will inspire you to write your own manifesto (even if yours doesn’t include the BIG guy) so that you can live the best, most intentional life possible.



I will trust you with my everything. You have never failed me, so why do I worry I won’t be enough or have enough. I have watched you do the most amazing miracles in my life. Time and time again, you have taken nothing and made something beautiful from it. I will trust you when I cannot see how or why because I believe you are always at work for my good. This will enable me to take large leaps of faith to do what you have asked even when my current resources dictate a safer step.


I will pause every Saturday to celebrate our relationship. Once a week, I will make time for you that is uninterrupted and unfettered because you asked me to. I will not view the pause (Sabbath) you have given me as a timeout. I will view it as the gift that keeps on giving me life more abundantly. I will bask in the light of your love and relish the work of your hands. I will revel in the intention of an amazing God making time for his creation. I will slow down the beat of my life to fall in step with the beat of your heart for me. I will make room for you, for it is in this space that I receive purpose, rejuvenation, love, creativity, joy, and rest. This will enable me to create things that bring glory to you and build your kingdom.


I will love you with my whole heart! I will never put another person or thing before you. I will find unfailing joy in the sacrifice you made to be with me eternally. I will look upon our love as the pinnacle of emotional intimacy. Your love will be the end and beginning of my worth. I will not live to prove my value by accumulating stuff or achievements. I will believe that you see me and that will be enough. This will free me from the constant lure to garner likes and follows. I will no longer live for approval ratings, for your love is the only approval I will ever need. This will enable me to show up authentically. As I show up as me consistently, it is only then that I will find belonging with people who accept me as I am.


I will believe in my beauty because I am made in your image. I will believe that you do not make mistakes. I will show up authentically in my appearance, being careful not to cover who I am with attachment or glaze or hue. I will look at me as an iteration of you. I will see the wonder of you in my eyes, though the curse of sin has settled on all mankind. This will enable me to embrace myself, flaws and all, but it will also aid me in embracing others, as loving me is a key component to loving my neighbor.


I will offer others what you have offered me. I will be patient, merciful, and gracious with the racist, the mean girl, the thief, the womanizer, the murderer, the abuser, the pedophile, the liar. I will not condemn those who have different sins than me because I acknowledge you died for us all, even when their sins are getting on my last nerve or making things messy. I will not be judgy or hurtful towards the ones you love because I do not want to be judged harshly or discarded. This does not mean I will not hold people accountable for their actions. It only means that I will do it lovingly with the intent to redeem, not destroy. As I offer your grace, I will trust that you will protect me. This will enable me to embrace mankind and love the ones you love without fear or prejudice.


I will be with you every day. I will walk and talk with you in the way. I will bear my heart to you. I will lay my burdens on you. I will dream within your embrace. I will sing your praise. I will strive to be in relationship with you. It gets hard to love someone I can’t see, especially in my busiest of seasons, but I will love you and listen to you and lean on you. I will come to you first. This will enable me to stay clear about my purpose in every season, live a life set on fire all my days, be truly useful to you, and die without regrets.


I will follow you wherever that leads. I will have the faith to believe that your way is the best way for me. I will make the moves that only you sanction. I will hang my plans for my life upon your vision. I will allow you to direct my paths because I believe in you and because you are my Lord. I will acknowledge that my path is different, but trust that this is going somewhere. This will enable me to be at peace in every circumstance, to know that my steps are ordered, to know I am going in the right direction. Even when the world says I am not successful, I will know that your scorecard is different, that I am what you say I am.


I will be courageous because you are loving me and living in me and powering me by your Holy Spirit. I will not pretend that I am unafraid. Instead, I will face my fears because I believe you are bigger than my problems. If Christ is in me, then I am more than enough for every challenge. I will complete every task placed before me because your power attends me. I will not allow fear to neutralize my God likeness. This will enable me to try, to leap, to fall and fail, to hope, to learn, to grow, to soar, and to crush!

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