Publishing Women and Girls

Purpose Girl Ministries recently launched a publishing company to produce inspirational material for women and girls by women and girls.

The Why

It took so long for me to call myself an author, though I have been writing, story-telling, and authoring my entire life. I didn’t have the courage to use my voice. I launched this publishing company to give women and girls just like me the courage to share. The other reason we launched is that when I sought to self-publish my first book, I realized

  • self-publishing companies make you pay for a publishing package and then they take 60%-70% of your royalties
  • traditional publishing companies give you a signing advance and then offer you 10%-30% in royalties, but are extremely difficult to be picked up by. You’ll need a literary agent, who will dip into your royalties as well.

These barriers make publishing only for the elite or wealthy. I decided to change that! I indie published my first book, and now all my royalties go to me. Your work is your blood, sweat, and tears on paper. You should reap all that you have sown. Purpose Girl Publishing will help women and girls own their gift for writing, produce work they can be proud of, and get the majority of monetary benefit from that work. We will work with women and girls of all ages. We do this with two different services.


Self-Publishing Package

With our self-publishing package, we will publish for you. We will provide you with

  • editors
  • designers
  • formatters,
  • and all other personnel needed

Benefits of this package include

  1. Put out your material in a professional manner that is still true to you.
  2. Frees you up to do what you love; write.
  3. Have your books carried by major retailers and bookstores (both brick and mortar and online stores) such as Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.
  4. Receive up to 60% of your royalties from sales of your book.

Reach out to Purpose Girl Publishing today to learn more… because your work is suppose to make it out into the world to bless others, and we can do that for you!

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Indie Publishing Package

Our indie publishing is for those who are happy to do all the grassroots work associated with publishing. Benefits of this package include

  • Knowledge of a process you can duplicate time and time again
  • Receive all of your royalties
  • Put out as much work as you like at your pace

Reach out to us today to learn more… because your work is supposed to make it out into the world to bless others, and we can show you how to do that!

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Step One: Brainstorm

For anyone who isn’t at the publishing step yet, but wants to be. Do you have a great book inside you, but have no idea how to get it out? This seminar is just the kick in the butt you need to begin the writing process. In writing my first book, I found starting to be the hardest part. After learning this great brainstorming process, my book just seemed to pour out of me. Come out to this seminar and benefit from the information offered as well as from the camaraderie of other writers because the world needs what is inside of you, and Purpose Girl Publishing can help you get started.