I remember what it was like to be completely in the dark about my future. Not because I was not capable of making wise plans or excited about the opportunity, but because God had explicitly asked me not to make any plans for my future.

As a matter of fact, He promised me my future was bright and hopeful, asked me to be excited about what I had yet to see, and proceeded to bench me.

He wanted me to bear my excitement to the world based on only His promise to me. He wanted me to rejoice in what I felt was purgatory. He wanted my buy-in on something I didn’t have.

In my darkroom, all I had was a promise and God was asking me to believe it. He wanted His promise to be enough for me.

When David came in from the field and was anointed by Samuel to be king of Israel, I wish the story read that he walked out of his dad’s house and into the palace to assume his lofty position. Instead, he left his father’s house and went right back to tending sheep.

With only the slick feeling of the oil on his head to remind him of God’s promise he lovingly herded and cared for his father’s sheep. He endured their smell, he poured salve on their cuts, and watched them diligently to ensure their safety. He served his father in the sheepfold like he always did the next day, and the next day, and the day after that.

David would finally go to the palace, but as a musician who would play to soothe… that’s right. You guessed it… the actual king.

David served in the lowliest of positions and though he knew he was meant to be king, he never turned a task away as something too menial for him. He served happily while in the darkroom because He trusted God to fulfill His promise.

So, what promises has God made to you? What darkroom have you found yourself in right after receiving a promise that seemed to denote you were meant for something greater?

Have you sat in theĀ  dark, befuddled, bewildered, and disgruntled? Or have you served happily? I guess what I am asking is do you trust God to fulfill His promises… even in the dark?





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