Yoked Up!

Couples Ministries need look no further for the perfect seminar for their constituents. Yoked Up! empowers married or engaged couples to find the reason they have been brought together by God. When each spouse finds the answer to how their purpose compliments that of the other, and both parties lock into their Creator, the three fold cord referenced in Ecclesiastes forms a bond that is not easily broken. This seminar can also be individualized as pre-engagement or premarital counseling.


Product Description

This one day seminar engages couples around the idea of figuring out

  • Why you have been yoked together
  • What areas your ministries will intersect
  • How you compliment one another
  • Spiritual gifts of each spouse
  • How family of origin factors in
  • Neutralizing generational curses

*Priced per couple

*For couples who are engaged, married, or seriously thinking about engagement. 

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