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Renovation Package


Product Description

The Renovation Package is the total package for those desiring a deep and lasting change in their lives. Humans often put security mechanisms in place to survive the trying times we face, but when these trying times are over, we don’t demolition these mechanisms. As we grow and change, these mechanisms that we created to survive become the very things that are technically killing us personally and spiritually. The Renovation package will guide you through demolition of unhealthy mechanism and habits and help you replace them with healthier ones. This package digs deep into retraining the brain for positive thinking, healthy self-esteem, and faithful living. The duration of this package is 60 days.

  • Emotional intelligence assessment and a choice of 1 other assessment of interest
  • Self-discovery exercises and assignments
  • Personalized renovation plan
  • Complimentary introductory session
  • Complimentary copy of He Already Put a Ring on It by Shari A. Loveday
  • Weekly accountability and intercessory check-ins
  • Intense work during sessions to break bad habits and tear down spiritual strongholds and build new, healthy habits you can be proud of
  • Seven coaching sessions


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