Housekeeping Package


Product Description

Just as our homes need upkeep, so our spirits and minds need some sprucing up every once in a while. Over time, and as we experience different challenges and enter different seasons of our lives, we pick up harmful habits, foster fears, and harbor hurts. The Housekeeping package will take you through a journey of discovering best practices for you, and how that impacts your life. Through various exploratory exercises and assignments, we will begin to uncover what it takes to live as your best self. The duration of this package is 30 days.

  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Self-discovery and development exercises and assignments
  • Personalized housekeeping
  • Complimentary introductory session
  • Weekly accountability and intercessory check-ins
  • Complimentary copy of He Already Put a Ring on It by Shari Loveday
  • Three coaching sessions