Have your ever looked for a recipe to make something new for dinner. If you’re a busy individual like me, the first thing you look at is prep time. Depending on the day and my circumstances, if the prep time is too long, I keep right on scrolling.

What if right beside your next substantial breakthrough, blessing, or miracle the prep time was listed as 40 years?

Numbers 14

The children of Israel were bickering loudly. The twelve spies had returned and given their report. Fear had gripped most of the congregation and they were refusing to go and take the land that God had promised them.

God’s presence descended on the sanctuary as a sign to all that He had words for them. God was angry, to say the least. He wanted to disinherit them, hit them with plagues, and be done with them once and for all.

Moses pleaded with God for the people and He relented, but because they hadn’t trusted God enough to go up and take the land, they would have to wonder in the desert for 40 years. In that time, everyone from that generation would die except Joshua and Caleb.

Joshua and Caleb would wait 40 years to see the promise. Thought it wasn’t their fault, though they were faithful, the prep time for the children of Israel to go into the promised land was 40 years.

You see, the bickering and refusal to enter when God told them to was a clear indication that, as a people, they weren’t ready. God had to continue to process them and then after 40 years maybe their children would be ready to receive the promise.

You need to be ready for your blessings and breakthroughs. God has to process you so that when you receive the promise you will have the faith to walk it out, the will to sustain it, and the strength to carry it. Without your prep-time you will be wholly unprepared to live in your blessing.

What promises do you sit in waiting for, wondering why it is taking so long? Prep time is very important when preparing meals, as it is when preparing people. Trust the master Chef. He is making something yummy out of you. Allow Him to prepare you, seasoning you well with the trials of life, in order to create a masterpiece worth waiting for.





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