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Purpose Girl here! I am still in the book of Mark, and y’all! This thing is GOOD!!

We see in Mark 11 that even though Peter has seen Jesus do a bunch of things, command a bunch of spirits, and feed and heal a bunch of people, he still doesn’t expect that the fig tree will obey. Jesus could have been perturbed by Peter’s lack of faith, but instead he simply says, “Have faith in God”… and whatever you say will happen too!


It is no wonder that in the last part of the chapter we see Pharisees asking Jesus to prove the authority upon which He heals and preaches and teaches. So, in perfect Jesus fashion, he gave them a riddling question and declared that if they could answer His question, He would answer theirs.

Of course they couldn’t, so Jesus walked away. He had no intention of answering their belittling question about who He was. I can just hear Jesus now. “By what authority?! By what authority?! By John 1:1 authority! Fool, don’t you know who I am? It is written! You better show some respect!” Uh,sorry. That’s if He was me. Jesus didn’t become defensive or even try to prove Himself to them. He simply walked away.


Even if His disciples, the people he healed and taught, and the leaders of Israel didn’t understand who He was, Jesus knew. He was certain about His identity so He didn’t need to try to prove it when challenged.

I think that most often when we try to prove something to another, it is because we are really trying to convince ourselves. I personally struggle with impostor syndrome, so I often internalize someone’s comment or behavior as though they are questioning who I am. More times than not, they aren’t, but even when they are, I should have nothin’ to prove!

Jesus was clear about His identity because He went to His Father every day for confirmation and direction. There’s no need to prove it when you are sure. We too, can have confidence in who we are if we go to our heavenly Father before each day begins and the world starts crafting stories that cause us to doubt ourselves. Will you go to the Author and Finisher of your faith first?

Look out for my new 30-day devotional, Come to Me First, this summer for that daily nudge into the Father’s presence!







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