God just keeps doing new math, math I ain’t never seen before. He adds to me by subtracting more than I would ever give up. He multiplies and fills my cup when the enemy seeks to divide. He finds a way to reveal unknown variables without me ever solving the equations. He restores me 100-fold, though when raised, my power is inadequate. He expands my perimeters with a different formula every single time, time times speed equals distance, but not with Him. And when I feel stretched to capacity, He turns me into me velocity that can not be broken down into hours or days. He, through me, defies time time and again, and when I worry that my broken vessel cannot carry much volume, He solidifies even my deficiencies to overwhelm me with the use of my abilities, and this dense configuration of a weakened mortal patient becomes an equation for the ages.

I was overcome with the need to write after the season I just came out of. I felt like if I did not write, I would explode. I had to “put pen to paper” (more like type) and record my confusion.

You see, between family time, work obligations that were monumental, graduate school, regular church ministry, independent ministry, and any version of a social life, I did not believe I would make it through this season without dropping the ball on something.

I thought that my grades would drop or I would need several extensions on my school work. I thought maybe something at work would fall to pieces. I thought perhaps my marriage would experience a shaking. I thought surely there would be a negative fall out because after all… I am only one woman. How could I accomplish it all? There are not enough hours in the day.

I am confused now because all is well. I made it through the season flawlessly. I did not fall short. Nothing fell apart. I even offered another person grace when their inadequacy sought to mess up my momentum.

As I sat and reflected on the season, I knew that God had done it again. He had done His new math; something unprecedented, a new thing, something my eyes had never seen, nor my ears had ever heard. I had never dreamed I could accomplish all that I did without losing something, especially my cool.

He made the sun stand still. He must have slowed time. He increased my knowledge. He granted me favor. He moved obstacles. He sent me in the right direction. Though I had less time, I completed things sooner than I have in the past.

No matter how things look, no matter what you are facing, if God is for you, then who can be against you? (Rom. 8:31)

If God is in it, then there truly is no limit! (Israel Houghton and & New Breed)

Whatever He is calling you to, He will take you through. I know I pulled out every cliché we hear about God’s amazing power at work in our lives, but I had to because I’ve seen Him do it! (Kurt Carr)

Commit your ways to Lord, trust Him, and it will come to pass.(Prov. 37:5)

I just believe that text only scratches the surface of what God is promising us if we offer Him our choices and our outcomes. I believe my yes is enough.

That’s my story… and I am sticking to it!






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