When the year turned over, God told me that I was free. Free to be… well anything. I did a blog series leading up to the new year on it. You can find it here.

As Independence Day rolls around I wonder, am I really free? I took stock of my spirituality and out of that came 5 five goals that would help me live the freedom God had already given me.

Listen to God – I realized that I do a lot of talking and rarely stop to do any listening. That is because I don’t really want to hear what God has to say unless it echoes my voice. Most often it does not, so I just stopped listening to preserve my plans. After I pray, I will listen for a few minutes and let him pour out His heart for me.

Crush the idols – When I got so desperate for the voice of God that I clamored for it, He said, “You want to be somebody more that you want Me. Your achievements have become your God because you put them in the position to satisfy you. That is my job… my pleasure. Crush your idols.” I want to desire Him more than anything else.

Interact with God’s word – My goal is to pray morning, noon, and night. God has let me know that I keep getting things wrong because I do not interact with His word after He initially speaks it. I hear it and set off to flesh it out and accomplish it all by myself. He told me, “Even I interact with My word. I watch over it to perform it” (Jer. 1:12 NASB). That is why my new goal is to interact with God’s word. I will ask Him what He wants me to do today, then when I hear it, come back at noon to interact with it and allow Him to share more. In the evening I will sit at His feet and listen for still more of what it looks like practically, and ask for strength to walk it out.

Surrender my thoughts to Him – When I get ready to be caught up with thoughts of my career or achievements, I will lay them down before Him, and ask Him to let His love constrain my thoughts and satisfy me.

Be satisfied – I want to be satisfied by Jesus. I don’t want the thought of anything else to put me at peace and fill the void. I want Him to be my everything. I’m begging Him to do that in me.

I realized I’d been trying to live in independence from God by seeking other things (within my control) to satisfy me. But that didn’t make me free. It actually bound me.

I was always chasing the next hit, the next achievement so that I could remain satisfied. There I was, frequenting thirsty wells again. Different wells this time, but they were still incapable of satisfying the longing in my heart.

My freedom, paradoxically, lies in my dependence on God to fill the empty places in my heart. The goals I wrote above just keep me accountable so I won’t go back to digging my own wells. (Jer. 2:11-13NLT)

So, what are your spiritual goals? Will they lead you to freedom or independence?






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