If God makes room, what will you do with it? If He opens up your finances, your time, your dating pool, your career, what will you do?

What are the things you want most out of life? Are they out of reach because of a lack of resources or a lack of discipline? In times past, I recognize I have lacked because I did not utilize resources well, not because God had not been faithful to create opportunities.

There have been times in my life where I begged God for more. “Pour out overflow, Jesus. Enlarge my territory, God. Pressed down, shaken together. I need more.”

What God showed me the last time I asked for more was that every time He made room, like a vacuum, I filled the space, but I unintentionally filled the space with things that did not accomplish the purpose for why I asked.

For example, when I became convicted to eat organic, I begged God for more room in our finances. Like a good, good Father, God caused Hubby to get an unexpected raise in salary. For the first six months we ate organic. Over time, we got excited about the overflow and the extra room God had created in our finances began to be filled with other things. So God opened the way, but we still were not eating organic consistently.

We had not committed to the actual thing we asked God for the room to accomplish. Six years later, I am happy to say, the gracious God we serve gave us a second chance, made room once again, and we are committed to eating organic.

I have even asked God to free up my time, only to spend it bingeing on Netflix. Not that TV is inherently bad, but I asked Him for more time to read His word and connect with Him, not to couch potato my days away. What trouble might you get into if God gives you more time?

What if God opens the dating pool, but you have not dealt with your baggage?

What will happen if He opens up a path in your career that you are not prepared for?

What if He increases your income, but you have no concrete plan for how to appropriate the extra funds?

So I will ask you again, if God makes room, what will you do with it?

Have you committed to the things you are asking for room concerning? Have you decided that if God opens up space you will do what you vowed and never turn back? Are you sure it is what you want, or is your request for more under girded by other motives?

Have you asked God to search your motives and try the reigns of your heart? Have you asked Him to prepare you for the room?

I want to ask God for more in certain areas of my life, but not until I am sure about my motives and my commitment level. If I do decide to ask for more, I am going to write down the things I need space for and post them on my wall, so I will never forget or lapse in my commitment to the vision I believe God has given.






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