Free to Be…Vigilant. For a long time I didn’t know what that looked like. I knew what vigilant meant, but what did that concept actually look like in a life.

What is vigilance? To watch carefully for imminent danger. Paying attention for the purpose of staying safe. Cognitively that computes. It is easily understandable, but spiritually not so much.

Again, even spiritually as a theory it makes sense. Watch out for the enemy of our souls, his pitfalls and temptations. But what does that LOOK like?

It could look like paranoia. After all, how can you watch for principalities and powers (against whom the Bible tells us we wrestle) that you can’t see.

It could look like fear. And that’s what it looked like for me for so long. I feared terminal illness would happen to me, my husband, or my children. I feared my marriage would dissolve. I feared molestation of my children.

I could go on. For me, being watchful meant being a helicopter mother, an insecure wife at times, and a hypochondriac. It meant guarding my heart with walls so think that Jesus Himself couldn’t get through. I was watchful in a way that enslaved me to fear.

Then one day as I prayed to God about the potential challenges I faced, He said, “Let me worry about that.” It sounded so good. I was so tired of the constant worrying about things that hadn’t happened, but I wondered how I could do that and still remain vigilant, as scripture had admonished me to do.

In the months after God spoke that freeing word to me, He followed it up with an action plan. He gave me a manifesto of sorts. Just one line on the document read…

I will allow God to guard my heart so I can be free to love others without fear of being hurt.

You see, God showed me that if I ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit every single day, He will alert me to the dangers, pitfalls, and temptations that will come my way. He will keep me one step of my enemies. He will guard my heart and protect my family so long as I ask for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit daily, and trust what He tells me.

And I have. I have asked and He has kept His promise to keep me.

I am free to be vigilant, but that doesn’t look like paranoia or fearful living. It looks like freedom through full reliance on the Holy Spirit to guard every avenue into my life. Ask for your fresh outpouring today, so you too, can be free to be vigilant.






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