One of Jesus’s most famous parables is the sower of seed. It speaks of seeds that land in four different places. This ultimately represents 4 different types of situations Christians find themselves in.

I want to note here that while most think this parable is about four different kinds of seeds, the passage never intimates that the seeds are different in anyway. They just all have a different path, so to speak.

With that knowledge, we can dispense with the idea that there is anything but level ground at the cross. All the seeds are the same, even if one is a third generation Pentecostal and the other just got baptized. Where they land… now that’s a different story.

The first seed falls on the path and birds come along and gobble them up before they even have a chance to grow.

Jesus explains to His disciples that these are people who hear the word but don’t understand it. Before they can get the understanding that they need to grow spiritually, they are taken out (Matt. 13:1-19).

We all assume this means “unchrurched” folks or “new believers”. Have you considered that they may be sitting next to us in church every week? People who never come to fully grasp the sacrifice Jesus made for us, so they work and work and work for salvation, never realizing salvation is a free gift and cannot be earned.

Or maybe its those who overcomplicate something that is very simple. You know, the hifalutin type who knows all the fundamental beliefs and gets stuck on the commentary, all the while missing the essence.

Maybe it’s you or me, and we are wondering around our Christian journey constantly missing the mark because we do not understand. We are lost… and don’t even know it.

Where can we find this understanding of the gospel? Within whom is the power to enlighten us?

Very often we neglect the only One who can give us understanding of the things of God; the Holy Spirit. We do not ask for Him daily and we do not talk directly to Him. We call Him an “it” and refer to Him as though He is a thing, rather than a person of the Godhead just like Jesus (the Son) and God (the Father).

When we get into the Word of God and into communion with the Holy Spirit, understanding becomes an understatement. We need to do our due diligence to ensure that our Christian walk is not… for the birds!







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