Hey y’all, Purpose Girl here!

This is the final installment in my Nothin’ to Prove series leading up to a new year with no proof, just purpose! I am particularly done with proof cuz ain’t nobody got no time for that!

When we last saw Jesus, He was being tempted by the devil in Luke 4. Well, shortly after His temptation to prove Himself in the wilderness, He returned home to Nazareth. There, His hometown questioned Him and did not acknowledge His anointing. Luke records that they actually wanted to throw Him off a cliff.

Can you imagine if Jesus hadn’t realized He had nothin’ to prove? If He hadn’t gotten the victory in the wilderness, He would have knocked Himself out trying to prove to the hometown crowd that He had made good, that He was the Messiah, that He was anointed to set them free.

He would have stayed by to show them what He knew to be true about Himself, but instead He dusted His feet off and walked away to go where His anointing would be better received. How many situations have you stayed in for far too long, thinking you were gonna’ prove something to someone who wasn’t even worth your time in the first place?

Working from purpose caused Jesus to understand that a prophet is not well-accepted in his or her hometown, at no fault of their own. He didn’t internalize their questioning about His background as an asterisk on His purpose. No, He realized it was an issue with their faith. He had nothin’ to prove. He just had to walk in purpose.

He left those jokers in their mess, that proof wouldn’t have changed anyway, and headed to other towns. The Bible shows us that right after that, He cast out a demon, preached the gospel powerfully, and healed a whole bunch of people.

Jesus was able to accomplish so much because He did not waste time on proof. He chose to focus on purpose and pour all His energy into that.

What are you supposed to be out there doing? What amazing thing is God birthing in you that is being destroyed or distracted by proof? Are you still busy trying to prove to your family that you are talented, smart, successful? The hometown crowd is always the hardest to convince. How much more time are you willing to waste on proving to them what is already true?

I’ve got a myriad of things I hear God calling me to do, and I can’t waste time doing anything else, least of all proving what already is established truth from the mouth of God! If I don’t keep it moving when folks tempt me to prove myself, I won’t accomplish the plans God has in mind for me.

So, pardon me, but I am done with proof!









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