The older I get, the more I realize that peace is priceless! I seek peace more than anything else these days; more than money, notoriety, and even happiness. I have realized that peace is its own little piece of happiness.

I just read something that was life changing in reference to my pursuit of peace.

Stop focusing on stuff you can’t control. So simple, yet life changing for a choleric, A-type such as myself. This one thought freed me to be so much more productive in life.

When I stopped focusing on and stressing about things I can’t control, my anxiety levels went down, and I have found that I have so much more time to focus on the things I can control; myself, my thoughts, my actions, my habits, and my behavior.

I was able to accomplish so much in just the two weeks after I had accepted this concept.

I know that God facilitated my reception of such a powerful concept because I will especially need it in this season of my life. There is so much going on right now that I have absolutely no control over that would have been a major point of stress to me… before God changed my perspective.

Though I read about this in a secular book entitled 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, (great read) God had been whispering this to me for as long as I can remember. This is the next level in my Christian journey…and it has everything to do with FaithWalkin.


Exodus 2

“Jochebed, the soldiers are coming. Quiet the baby, or they will hear him and…” Amram’s voice trailed off as he thought about what could happen if his son were found.

“But how? He’s just a baby. He doesn’t understand the danger he is in,” Jochebed pleaded.

Amram thought a while and then said, “Take him outside and go down by the bulrushes just before you reach the river. Nurse him there to ensure he’ll be quiet.”

“What if the soldiers ask for me?”

I’ll tell them you’ve gone to gather hay. Come back with some, so that my words will be truthful. I love you. God will protect us.”

Jochebed ran off with her baby in a gathering basket atop her head. She sat quietly amongst the bulrushes and fed her son. He never uttered so much as a coo. As she sat there, she prayed to Jehovah to make a way for her son to live.

She sat quietly a moment admiring Jehovah’s handiwork, when she heard a voice whisper, “Do you trust Me?”

She knew instinctively that the God she had just begged for answers had now posed her with a question. “Yes, my Lord. I trust You with everything.”

“Then, relinquish control of this situation,” the voice said. Jochebed immediately surrendered and as she sat, God poured into her a plan of salvation. She didn’t know, sitting there, that it was a plan to save the whole nation of Israel. She only knew Jehovah had told her how to save her son, and it would require… letting go.

As Jochebed entered their home, her husband Amram looked at her strangely. “Are you ok, my dear? You look flushed.”

“Jehovah has answered us. He has told me how salvation will come to our son.”

“You heard from Jehovah? How, how will He help us,” Amram demanded.

Jochebed told Amram the plan God had given her as she sat in the bulrushes, but he was not comforted. He asked several questions she could not answer.

“What if he floats away unfound by Egyptians? Where will he end up? How will he eat? What if the Egyptians find him? What if the basket doesn’t keep the water out? What if it capsizes, drowning our son?”

“I don’t know.”

“Jochebed, surely you’re mistaken. You could not have heard this plan from Jehovah. He does everything well, and this isn’t thought out. I know you are feeling anxious and afraid, but let’s not do anything foolish out of fear. Let’s wait and see what Jehovah will do,” Amram implored.

“My husband, I do not have the answers to all your questions. And no, this hasn’t been thought out by me. Jehovah asked me to trust him, and I simply listened, but He who knows the beginning from the end, He who has never taken his eyes off us, He who has kept our son safe these three months, has asked us to trust Him with the outcome. He has never given us a reason to doubt Him, so I go now to craft my basket boat. I am at peace knowing that God is in control when I am not.”

Amram was unsure what would come of his wife’s unflinching faith, but he knew Jehovah could be trusted. He covered for her several times as she crafted a boat from a basket using pitch and the same bulrushes she’d sat amongst.

Jehovah had even told her how to make the basket a safe ark for the baby. She toiled carefully over it until it was finished, then she nursed the child. In this moment she tried to bond with him, so he’d never forget her. She touched his fingers and brushed his cheek, and sang his favorite Hebrew lullaby.

“Numi, numi, Yaldati. Numi, numi, nim. Numi, numi, K’Tanati. Nummi, numi, nim.”

Tearfully, Amram watched as she placed the child in the basket. He kissed his son for what he thought would be the last time. He encouraged Miriam and Aaron to do the same, then they all held hands and repeated the mispah.

“May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.”

With that, Jochebed and Miriam walked quietly down to the Nile and placed the basket on the water. One solitary tear slid down Jochebed’s cheek, not because she thought his fate was grave, but because she believed she would have no part in it.


Jochebed relinquished control at a time when most mothers could not. She placed her son on a river, having no clue what would become of him. She gave him up to the God who had blessed her with him, and trusted Him with the details she had no control over.

Relinquishing control to an unseen God is a hard task that requires faith. When we refuse to give Him the details that we cannot control, we forfeit peace and send the message that we do not believe He is trustworthy.

But when has God ever failed us? When has He ever not done everything well?

We know how Jochebed’s story turns out. Her son is found by a princess of Egypt. He is taken to grow up in the lap of luxury, but before that, she is asked to be his wet nurse until he is of age to be weaned.

Her son is saved, and she is employed to nurture him in those early years of his life…all because she relinquished control.

If that wasn’t enough, God begins to show off. Moses then becomes a vital part of Israel’s salvation. God couldn’t have done it any better than that!

I do not suggest relinquishing control to just anyone. No, I suggest that we regain our peace of mind by relinquishing control to the unseen God who is very intentionally working everything out for our good.






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