Finally… Love

I remember very clearly the yearning I had to be loved—not married, though I thought they were one and the same at the time. I desired a love that many cynical singlesRead More…


Not Guilty

Not guilty. As the words fall from a judge’s lips a family groans inwardly at the sting of injustice. Not guilty. When I hear them I wince and send prayers up forRead More…


Of Thorns and Thistles

The third batch of seeds mentioned falls on a patch of soil that has thorns growing there. When they spring up the thorns choke them out. According to Jesus, the thorns represent theRead More…


Shallow Roots

Rocky places. The next seeds in the parable fell on rocky places where the soil was shallow. They grew up quickly, but when the sun came up they were scorched. The reasonRead More…


For the Birds

One of Jesus’s most famous parables is the sower of seed. It speaks of seeds that land in four different places. This ultimately represents 4 different types of situations Christians find themselves in. IRead More…


Are You in Good Hands?

Here’s a sneak peak of a devotion from my new book He Already Put a Ring on It. The book release party will be on Saturday, April 30th at 8pm at theRead More…



So often we worry about tomorrow. We wonder what life will bring five years down the line. We worry over whether we’ll get our dream job once we finish college, who weRead More…


Prep Time: 40 Minutes

Have your ever looked for a recipe to make something new for dinner. If you’re a busy individual like me, the first thing you look at is prep time. Depending on theRead More…



For many years, I begged God to show me the picture of what my life would be like; the things I would do in ministry, who I would marry, where I wouldRead More…