FREE to Be… BeYOUtiful

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it is my concept of beauty that matters most as I behold myself daily. If my concept of beauty is informed byRead More…


FREE to Be… Extraordinary

1 Samuel 25 (My Telling) Before she could close her prayer, Mikram, her most trusted servant rushed in to inform her of Nabal’s latest misstep. Abigail instinctively knew this was a ratherRead More…


FREE to Be… Happy

When we catch up with the children of Israel, they had just crossed the Red Sea. They had watched God literally make a way out of no way. They had walked throughRead More…


FREE to Be… Committed

Ruth 1 (My Telling) “Go home. I have nothing to give you. Life has dealt bitterly with me. The only place from here is down. Go home to your families, and IRead More…


I Need Deliverance… Fast!

I didn’t understand the meaning of Matthew 17:21 or Mark 9:29 until I was in a situation that seemed hopeless. I prayed and prayed. Nothing seemed to be working, and I wonderedRead More…


“Thank You, God!”

Every so often, Little Man screams out, “Thank you, God!” He got it from me, I suppose. When I get to church, I shout y’all! I shout in my house when GodRead More…


NF Challenge Day 28

So today is the last day of the challenge. I fell more in love with Him these past 28 days. To know Him is to love him, so I hope you’ve fallenRead More…


NF Challenge Day 27

Jesus was the strong, silent type. When He was questioned by Pilate, He “opened not His mouth.” He never confirmed or denied. “Like a lamb before its sheerers, He was dumb.” ThroughRead More…


NF Challenge Day 26

When we think of Jesus, we hardly ever see Him as a needy friend. After all, He is always busy healing and helping strangers as well as those He loves. For mostRead More…


NF Challenge Day 25

Have you ever been judged wrongly? I remember when I first got to Atlantic Union College, in my normal fashion, I didn’t wait to survey the situation. I just jumped right in.Read More…