Promises in the Darkroom

I remember what it was like to be completely in the dark about my future. Not because I was not capable of making wise plans or excited about the opportunity, but becauseRead More…


Harvest is Here

Last month, I preached a sermon about harvest. When I preach, I know that the concepts I share are from God and that they are not just for the audience but for me, soRead More…


When God Makes Room

If God makes room, what will you do with it? If He opens up your finances, your time, your dating pool, your career, what will you do? What are the things youRead More…


New Math

God just keeps doing new math, math I ain’t never seen before. He adds to me by subtracting more than I would ever give up. He multiplies and fills my cup whenRead More…


Remember the Dark Room

Hey guys, My guest blogger this week is a lifetime friend and a woman I have great respect for. I pray that Terina Jackson’s dark room story encourages you to #rememberthedarkroom MyRead More…


Dark Room

Dark Room The dark room. Have you ever been in the dark room? 2017 was an explosive year for me. Speaking engagements all over the east coast. Book sales jumped significantly. NewRead More…



“Every fear we have is based in not being enough or not having enough.” -Steven Furtich This one line changed my life! God had already shown me that I have a fearRead More…


I Am Somebody

Have you ever based your worth on the approval of others? I have been basing my worth on my approval ratings for many years. I don’t know when I began doing it.Read More…


Independence Day

When the year turned over, God told me that I was free. Free to be… well anything. I did a blog series leading up to the new year on it. You canRead More…



It’s been a long time since I blogged, indeed a long time since I wrote anything. I felt like my gift was on pause, maybe because I have been on pause. TheRead More…