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Winning Combination

For most of this day I have been close to tears. I feel compelled to weep for a nation that devalues difference. I feel encumbered by racism, sexism, fascism, legalism and truthfully,Read More…


A Tool’s Tools

Exodus 5 finds the people Israel enslaved when Moses goes to tell Pharaoh that He aught to let the people go so they can serve God in the wilderness. As a result, PharaohRead More…


FREE to Be… Vigilant

Free to Be…Vigilant. For a long time I didn’t know what that looked like. I knew what vigilant meant, but what did that concept actually look like in a life. What isRead More…


FREE to Be… New

Hey guys, I decided to vlog for my last post in my FREE to Be… blog series. It’s very fitting since the last one is entitled FREE to Be… New! Check itRead More…


FREE to Be… Buck

When Deborah prophesied that God would give the victory to a woman, she wasn’t just referring to herself. Jael played a part in the undoing of Sisera, Jabin’s greatest general. In fact,Read More…


FREE to Be… Faithful

When Barak joined Deborah underneath the palm tree from which she judged Israel, she quickly reminded him what the Lord wanted him to do. “Didn’t the Lord God of Israel say youRead More…


FREE to Be… Unorthodox

Growing up, I always felt like the ugly duckling in my family. Not because I didn’t look like the rest, but because I didn’t think like rest. I was artistic and likedRead More…


FREE to Be… Hopeful

FREE to Be… Hopeful Just before hubby and I got married, my gynecologist shared some challenges with me that were daunting, to say the least. I remember sitting in shock for aRead More…


FREE to Be… Wise

Wisdom is one of the most underrated qualities in present society that one can possess. We muddle through our lives, never learning from past mistakes, messing up time and time again, withoutRead More…


FREE to Be… BeYOUtiful

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it is my concept of beauty that matters most as I behold myself daily. If my concept of beauty is informed byRead More…