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The Truth about Lemons

The Great Disappointment I am supposed to be in Tahiti for the next eight days celebrating my 40th birthday, but I am not. Instead, after 4 flights and two consecutive days either inRead More…


A Scaredy Cat’s Manifesto

I haven’t blogged in forever. That is mainly because I’ve been grinding but also because I refuse to write unimportant content. I refuse to write stuff that doesn’t really matter just toRead More…


Conversations in the Darkroom

While humans discuss what they think is my fate behind closed door, doors bolted against progression and barricaded against equality, there is another conversation about my future taking place. It is higher,Read More…


A Dark of My Doing

All year long, I and my guests have been writing about the #Darkroom, an experience every Christian finds themselves in sooner or later. When I came to this series at the beginningRead More…


Pain the Darkroom

Please join me in welcoming Anikah Salim, a leading epidemiologist, a beautiful sister, woman, and friend, as she shares the pain she endured in the darkroom. Fix it, Jesus! I sat inRead More…


Dead… Again

I died today… again. Just when I thought I was done dying…thought I was faithful….thought I was a disciple. Maybe I should say, part of my personality died today. It wasn’t murder.Read More…


Made to Fly

The Recap Recently, God showed me that my current relationships are often affected by past hurts. When last I blogged, I acknowledged that when people in my life touch spots I thought hadRead More…



On May 18, 2018 I decided to go on a forgiveness consecration and fast. I prayed and read devotional thoughts for 30 days. I fasted for ten days, asking God to searchRead More…


Grateful for the Darkroom

Hey Guys, Today’s post comes from guest blogger, Jared Renaud Taylor, author of New Lenses: How I Met Jesus on MTV. Pick up a copy if you are interested in a lensRead More…


Promises in the Darkroom

I remember what it was like to be completely in the dark about my future. Not because I was not capable of making wise plans or excited about the opportunity, but becauseRead More…