Here’s a sneak peak of a devotion from my new book He Already Put a Ring on It. The book release party will be on Saturday, April 30th at 8pm at the Everlasting Life Cafe in Capitol Heights Maryland. See you there!

There she is—a beautiful princess sitting in the window of a picturesque castle. Only the picture isn’t quite so lovely when you take a closer look. Zoom in. She is a prisoner, waiting for her white knight to storm the castle and save her. As a fairy tale or fantasy, this is perfectly acceptable to most, but if asked to picture this as a modern-day woman sitting in the window of a Brooklyn brownstone, most would scoff at how ridiculous it appears. In Western society, the idea that a woman is waiting for anything seems laughable. I hope you’ll get a good laugh…because she was me.

I spent my days wondering when my knight would come. With each new beau, I found men that could do nothing more than shrink from the great responsibility of true love. The worst of them pretended to be everything I needed so they could get what they wanted from me, only to turn and walk away. I met prince after prince whose hands took and never gave, roamed and never stayed.

After enough relationships, not just romantic ones, I grew weary of putting my life in the hands of others. I became distrustful and constantly on guard. I looked for the worst in others at all times. This suspicion spilled into every area of my life and left me with a hardened and cynical world view. I decided I would never put my life in anyone’s hands ever again. Too many hands had rubbed me the wrong way.

I never realized that my resolution had included God’s hands as well. Ever so quietly, I plotted my own course for my life, not realizing I had excluded my Creator. I was so afraid of people’s hands that I had placed human characteristics on the hands of the great I AM.

Though I thought I had planned it well, the fabric of my life began to unravel: my job ended, which meant my apartment lease was ending. I couldn’t find a job, my latest boyfriend had dumped me, and I was far from home and far from happy. It was then I stumbled across David’s wisdom in 2 Samuel 24:14. “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for His mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.” When faced with three possible disastrous events (three years of famine, three months of running from enemies, or three days of plague), David chose to fall into God’s hands and accept three days of plagues because He knew God was merciful and gracious.

I had mistakenly placed my life in the hands of others, setting my happiness upon whether they came or went, stayed or left, loved or not, when all along there were capable, trustworthy, merciful, gracious, kind, loving hands waiting for me to fall into Him. No one else could have been my Savior. Only He, so lovingly, could save me with His blood and a touch that reverberates through my being, assuring me that all will be well! Those hands have been charting the course of my life ever since. Even when I made poor choices that had harmful consequences, His hands were still there, chartering a way to bring me back to Him, back to love. It is in those hands I have found my true love and true fulfillment. That’s this woman’s stance. Are you in good hands?





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