Shari 'Purpose Girl' Loveday


I am Shari Loveday. I founded Purpose Girl Ministries in 2014 to meet a need I had not so long ago. You see, though I was gifted and talented in many areas, I found myself floundering in life. I had no real direction. I kept trying to go the way others had, but God was carving out a path for me that no one had ever taken before.

As a result of my misguided search, I suffered with mild depression. My unfulfilled life was making me bitter. This impacted my relationships with my husband and my children. It took a long, long time before I finally decided to stop telling my Creator why I thought I existed, and settled in to hear why He had created me. That is the moment my whole life changed!

Purpose Girl Ministries exists to help women and families live as their best selves. With all my heart I want to help you find the best version yourself because it has been one the most empowering agents of change in my life! It’s why I was created, so let me help you find fulfillment and lasting joy. Join the Purpose Girl family today!


We offer programs that provide guidance to those who need that one on one personal touch. Life coaching is an art and a calling. Purpose Girl Ministries offers only the best!

"I didn't realize just how beneficial this journey would be for me mentally and spiritually. I will not be the same as long as I continue to use the tools I learned during  my life coaching sessions. This program has impacted my life in a positive way and empowered me to move forward, where I was stagnant before. Thank you Purpose Girl!"

Brooklyn, NY

“Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that Shari definitely provided me with spiritual, emotional, and mental guidance through some of my toughest years. Our deepest sessions almost always ended in tears, but they resulted in me feeling like I was ‘coming up for a breath of fresh air’. The gratitude for what she offered me cannot be expressed in words.”

Chicago, IL

"Shari has impacted my life by helping me understand that everyone is unique, and while we all face challenges, we respond to them in ways as unique as we are. She helped me embrace that I am not abnormal, just unique."

Columbia, MD

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Keynotes/Workshops/ Seminars/Webinars/Conferences

Shari presents all over the world at various organizations, presenting in different formats. She has participated in teen summits, retreats, church services, conferences, weeks of prayer, prayer breakfasts, keynote addresses at educational institutions, weddings, and more. Several different seminars/webinars, programs, and workshops are offered to individuals and organizations.

"There are motivators, and then there are change agents. Shari Loveday is a change agent. When you ask her to present at your event, you get the best of her, straight from the pit of her experience and the bottom of her heart. I hope you'll get a chance to experience what she has to offer. I have, and I can honestly say I am better for it."

Owner/President, Frest Start Counseling services

"Shari’s love for God is undeniable and palpable in her presentations. Her practicality and realistic demonstrations create a connection with her audience. She is a source of empowerment and support for women seeking guidance."

College Park, MD

We had the pleasure of having Mrs. Loveday do our premarital counseling and we were very happy with her services. She gave us a lot of tools to have a successful marriage. Her sessions were very interactive and fun. We would recommend her to anyone whom is looking for a counselor for ANY reason.


Purpose Girl in Action

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Our founder, Shari Loveday, is an author that has a real heart for writing. She has published two books; a mini e-book entitled Called to Virtue and her sophomore project entitled He Already Put a Ring on It. In this book she candidly takes readers on her journey to true love, which brought her to the cross, and freed her to be happy, whole, and fulfilled. Why date God? Because He already put a ring on it!

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Her blog, FaithWalkin for Today, continues to inspire readers to fight to be faithful Christians.


"FaithWalkin for Today is so refreshing, because I know every time I read it I am going to get fed and be provided with a very honest reflection of how amazing God is. The vulnerability of this blog is what keeps me wanting more. It is relatable and makes one say, ‘Hmmm, never thought of it like that.’ I know I will have a hand in the air, praising God, and maybe even shed a tear or laugh out loud. Some emotion will be evoked in my faith walk."

Bowie, MD

"Your way of writing is so easy to follow, so clear and so real. I can feel the way you wrestle with these ideas for yourself in your own life, before you share them with us. The transparency with which you share some of the details of your life is also encouraging. I felt I wasn’t alone."

Author, New Lenses: How I Met Jesus On MTV

"I was in a situation where God asked me to step out on faith in a way that was new to me when my girlfriend introduced me to FaithWalkin for Today. Shari’s transparent life examples of deep faith producing modern day miracles were such an inspiration that it gave me the strength to trust God even more, and follow Him no matter what. FaithWalkin for Today continues to inspire me."

Silver Spring, MD


Youtube Channel

Check out Shari’s Youtube Channel so you can access inspiration that will help you find the best version of yourself. Here, our founder shares insights from her own faith journey, spirituality, and evolution. Subscribe to gain insider therapy tips and tools.


Publishing her own books was a powerful experience for Shari because it was a journey to realizing that God has placed valuable things inside her that the world needs. Now she has purposed in her heart to help other women and girls take the same journey to the empowerment that comes from the book birthing process. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou

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